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Optimize and customize Windows Vista to your needs and hardware
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Under the slogan “Bringing all the tweaks to your world of Windows Vista” and a Windows logo turned into a windmill icon, this powerful software application promises us to speed up our computers and get Windows Vista to work properly and customized to our likes. The easy and fastest way to get TweakVI to work is to use the “Auto Optimize System” option, but good things take time and, in this case, take money so this option is not available in the free edition, speaking of wich is convenient to make clear. TweakVI is available in three different editions: the “Basic Edition”, wich contains all the basic tweaking features for standard system tweaking, the “Premium Edition”, wich gives you access to much more tweaking and system optimization features, and the “Ultimate Edition”, for complete control on Windows Vista, with all plugins currently available for TweakVI. The “Premium” and the “Ultimate” editions are not available for free. You will need a serialnumber to install one of those versions.

Since you're probably going to try this tool using the free edition and it doesn't allow you to use the “Auto Optimize System” option, let's see more detailes about how it works.
First time you enter TweakVI it will suggest you to create “snapshots” of your system before starting tweaking it and it's a very good idea to do that. This way, if things go wrong you'll be able to go back to the initial status. There are several languages available from the Home section of the software, and some more are coming, beeing translated to as we speak.
On the left section of the screen you will encounter a list of buttons wich organize the tweak options into sections. Every time you press one of those buttons, the right section of the screen will display settings for you to set.
The first section is System Information and Tweaks and gives you direct acces to some important optimization tasks of your system regarding to hardware such as harddrives, memory, cache, system files and others. For you to take into account some options are not available in the free edition such as Memory Optimization.

Next section is Miscellaneous Tweaks and lets you customize and configure Windows, tight to your needs. It could be a little bit boring since it has a lot of categories to work on. Anyway, you can take a look just to the ones you want. First category is referred to System folders settings and Control Panel. Second is about mouse, error reporting, time synchronization and miscellaneous tweaks. Third category is about Windows Media Player. The last one, not available in free edition, is about Autostart, Autologon and Auto shutdown Windows.

The third section is Visual Tweaks and have a pretty good set of handy tools for Desktop look, fonts smoothing, start menu settings, wallpapers selection and else. A couple of categories are not available in free edition.

Fourth section is Internet Tweaks to optimize and customize Internet navigation. Since it's a Windows oriented application, the tweak in this section are intended to work with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, but also adds Firefox tweaks. However there are a couple of categories oriented to connection tweaks, bandwith monitor and port monitor, not available in free edition.
The last section, Utilities, has almost every category disabled in free edition.

Totalidea Software – the developer of TweakVI – has associated with Neo Smart Technologies to produce a Boot Configuration tool for Windows Vista. It's available for free and will be offered to download and install during the TweakVI installation. This is useful for instance to create a multi platform system using Linux, Mac OS X and other systems and booting into them from the Windows Vista bootloader.

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  • Lots of functions not available in free edition
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